Tag: Ori'Ramikad


  • Se'vin Ordo

    Se'vin Ordo is the father of Xen'nam Ordo, and a Mandalorian Warrior. He raised Xen'nam to be a Mandalorian Ori'Ramikad or a Super Commando. Se'vin was later killed in combat with a Jedi Knight on an …

  • Basilisk War Droids

    Once seen in abundance as a machine of war for Mandalorians, after the Mandalorian Wars many were destroyed by the Jedi and the Republic as a way of trying to de-militarize the Mandalorian people. These giant war machines were heavily armed, …

  • Mand'alor

    The Mand'alor is the leader of the Mandalorian people. While they are not a President or King, they act in the best interest of their people, and will fight side-by-side with them. 

  • Xen'nam Ordo

    Raised on the planet Mandalore, in settlement by Keldabe, the capital city of Mandalore, [[Xen'nam Ordo]] lived in a warrior clan. at the age of 7 he was brought to his first battle by his father, [[Se'vin Ordo]]. this battle was against Jedi, and Xen' …