Xen'nam Ordo

Mandalorian Ori'Ramikad (Super Commando)


Standing at 5’8" and clad head-to-toe in a black and gold Beskar’gam.


Raised on the planet Mandalore, in settlement by Keldabe, the capital city of Mandalore, Xen’nam Ordo lived in a warrior clan. at the age of 7 he was brought to his first battle by his father, Se’vin Ordo. this battle was against Jedi, and Xen’nam watched as his father was dismembered by a Jedi using a lightsaber and the Force. In his grief and hatred, Xen’nam picked up his Father’s Bes’kad (Mandalorian Iron Saber) and struck down the Jedi. From that point, Xen’nam made it his sole purpose in life to hunt Force users, no matter what side they worked for. At the age of 16, He trained to become an Ori’Ramikad or a Super-Commando. He quickly rose through the ranks, and eventually earned the rank of Ruus’alor or Sergeant. After he turned 23, he went off on his own, and started to hunt down Jedi and Sith alike, taking Lightsaber trophies, Padawan braids, or other various, non-decaying trophies from those he killed. He especially enjoyed using his father’s Bes’Kad to kill Force users in a more personal way.

Xen'nam Ordo

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