The Sith and Jedi Wars

Welcome to Mandalore
Well.... Fuck

The party decimated the Sith Dreadnaught while fighting The Admiral of the ship, and a Sith Marauder and his disciples. The party then entered the last shuttle, only to find a Sith Lieutenant attempting to pilot the shuttle. He instead crashed it into the planet, but the party survived without a scratch. The crash upset the Farmers who's farm they wrecked, and they came out to confront the group. Rath talked the first Farmer down, but the other one contacted the local militia after noticing that two of the group were carrying Lightsabers, and obviously Jedi.. Lelila used her force abilities to calm the other Farmer, and they got directions to the nearest settlement, which happened to be Keldabe, the capitol of Mandalore. They then decided to evade the militia by hiding in the forest, while IB-1357 downloaded a new data core salvaged from an old HK-50 model. Doing this gave him access to the Mandalorian Language, while simultaneously upgrading his combat abilities to extend to Lightsaber use. After their brief rest, the party set out, only to be attacked by a pack of Strill. There was brief combat, but the group was saved by the same farmers from earlier, who felt honor bound to escort the party to Keldabe safely. When the Party entered the city, IB-1357 used a map he had downloaded to locate the nearest inn. they spent the night for 5 credits per person, and recieved a good night's sleep. The following morning, the Mandalorian inn keeper gave them directions to the nearest establishment with food, which happened to be a tavern. They ordered food, and Lelila used her inate force ability to scope out the people in the bar. What she saw disturbed her, because there were three Mandalorians who gave off red auras of evil, one of which was almost black. The group elected to sit far away from them, and they received their food from the old Mando tavern owner. She noticed that IB-1357 had a Sith Admiral rank that was an obvious war trophy, and when she commented on it, He mentioned the destruction of the dreadnaught, at which the Mandalorian wit the darkest aura turned and came to talk to them… Enter Xen'nam Ordo, Ori'Ramikad. 

Prison Break
Shit got real

The four Prisoners were waiting to escape. Loya Ka'vel, a Chiss Mystic Adept found a way to bypass the security of her cell. She then fought the guard, and stole his weapon and pass card. After some fumbling, she released the prisoners, of which only 3 stayed with her. The Three that stayed were an befuddled droid, designated IB-1337, a Miraluka Grey Jedi named Lelila Onasi, and a Kel-Dor Soldier named Rath. Together they fought their way to the contraband room, where they found all their equipment. IB-1337 found a memory core in his designated locker, which caused him to do a reboot in the middle of running for the bridge. Lelila ended up using the force to carry him while Rath and Loya did the fighting. After a tense set of fights, IB-1337 Fully rebooted, and engaged his war-time protocols, and assassin protocols to destroy several guards and a droid. Lelila ended up engaging in Dark Side activities because she smashed a man in half, smashed another against the wall (Splattering him) and later, caving in the chest of a guard using Force Push and shoving a Heavy Repeating Blaster through him. Rath caved in the head of a guard using a stun baton, while simultaneously looting every body she could reach. Loya used her lightsaber to end many Sith lives. The group attempted to get into the hangar, but found that they needed to go to the bridge first, so they ran to the bridge and faced the ship captain. After a brutal and bloddy fight, the party emerged mostly unscathed and completely victorious after IB-1337 crushed the Captain's throat and spine. Lelila found the Captain's personal shuttle codes, that had the hangar codes attached, so now they can escape the ship!

In the Beginning, There was... Hell
The Adventure Begins...

In the Beginning, it was dark. The only sound were screams of beings undergoing torture, a ships engine, and… Weapons fire? Yes. Ship to ship fire. A rescue? or just a chance encounter? The 4 beings in the cell block were unsure, but they knew it was a chance for escape. And maybe… Vengance. But they needed to form a plan…

The lights come back on, and they make their moves.

We zoom out to see a Sith Dreadnought fighting with several Republic Hammerhead Class Cruisers, and Star Fighters dog-fighting in the surrounding area. A lush, green planet is below, with several cities dotting the surface.

Welcome to Mandalore…


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