Welcome to The Sith and Jedi War! Choose an Ideology to follow, and pick your allies carefully… Will you rise to the Light? Fall to the Dark? Or Will you choose to ignore the Faiths, and Kill who you please? The Possibilities are endless.


 The events that will take place are about 100 years after the disappearance of Revan, hero of the Jedi Order. the Sith have come out of hiding, and are now at war with the Republic and the Jedi. So far the two sides are at a stalemate, neither giving or losing ground. For the Sith, it is because they cannot stop their own in-fighting long enough to concentrate their forces. The Republic has fewer willing volunteers, and for every Jedi gained through training, two either die in combat, or fall to the Dark Side. Mandalorians have been spotted building up strength, but they have not made clear yet who they will support. Now that the galaxy is in turmoil, all it takes to tip the balance is a few events to set up a fatal chain reaction…

The Sith and Jedi Wars

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